About us

Who would have thought hooping was so much fun!

Back in 2008, we certainly didn’t. But since In2Hula was launched we have been instrumental in introducing thousands to it as a recreational and fitness activity.

In 2009, we set the New Zealand record for the largest number of people simultaneously hooping.

Body & Health, Social & Self ~ Hula hooping classes with a difference

Hula hooping really is for everybody! We work with all ages and many different groups of people. Our aim is to offer a fun, energetic and low impact workout routine that equally benefits body, mind and self … And enjoy a positive collaborative and community environment.

We foster a genuine holistic approach. Hoopers receive more one-on-one attention because of our smaller class numbers and we take the time to really listen to each person’s individual needs. This is not about blasting out a fitness class with as many attendees as possible. Our classes are gentle on the body and generally injury free!

In2hula for functions

We know that hooping is infectious – you see it and you just want to give it a go!

After being involved in many charity events, we knew that bringing the ‘have-a-go’ concepts to schools, workplaces and conferences would be a huge hit…and it is!

Our experienced, bubbly and clever hoopers will give an awe-inspiring demonstration, then provide the hoops and instruction to get everyone up and having a go.

  • Conference icebreaker
  • Conference after-lunch warm-up
  • Schools
  • After school programmes
  • Parties
  • Workplace team building
Licensee opportunity

We are gearing up to offer fun ‘n fitness classes around the country. In2Hula is now preparing a licensee opportunity for those looking for an exciting new business venture. Join us on Facebook as In2hula classes become available in your region. We are passionate about bringing hula hooping to more and more kiwis while supporting others to benefit from this amazing business opportunity.

How all the hoop-la started…

berny-beachI’m Bernadette and the driving force behind In2Hula. In 2008, our daughter Korina had achieved an amazing personal goal, losing 25 kilograms through the Weight Watchers programme. To maintain and keep her fitness levels, she explored hooping, having been told that this was a great form of exercise, and that it would help trim her waistline and tighten her tummy. Following the birth of her two children this was great news, she was looking for something to help her lose the mummy tummy.

She searched a number of outlets, only to find small, thin, child sized hoops. Not large or heavy enough to do the job. My husband Grant, made a hoop and away she went. We were surprised to learn that in the next three weeks she had trimmed another half centimetre off her waistline, and was having fun doing it.

We researched hula hooping online and found it was fast growing around the world, as a fitness and dance workout. This re-emergence of the hula hoop had not yet made it to New Zealand.

We jumped right in and began manufacturing hoops in our home town of Christchurch. Today we sell hoops all around New Zealand. The weight, size and quality of the hoop making them the perfect choice for people serious about fun and fitness.

The next step was to offer hula hoop classes. We now run several hoop classes in Christchurch and other regions.  See our Hoop Classes page for more information. We teach new beginners to hoop, while offering those more advanced the opportunity to learn some slick moves and tricks.

Hooping appeals to all ages. To get optimum results, we encourage people to hoop for 15-20 minutes, three times a week.

You can burn 10 calories per minute while the hoop is swinging!
A quick way to trim your tummy and waistline!
AND it is great for your emotional wellbeing and reducing stress.  The exercise, fun and laughter involved in hooping releases an abundance of feel-good endorphins!

Read more about the benefits of In2Hula classes

I’m a REPs Registered Exercise Professional which means I meet New Zealand and international standards to deliver safe and effective exercise advice.

Excellence in the fitness industry

exawards16_winnerIn2hula is recognised as a leader in the fitness industry. Bernadette Smith (creative hoop instructor) was nominated in the 2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards ‘Own Choreography‘ section.  In 2016 In2Hula was recognised for the work they have been been doing throughout New Zealand and was awarded the Community Excellence Award by the Exercise Association of New Zealand.