Testimonials – what people say

Persistence pays off

I’ve finally mastered the hoop! It’s taken me a while and I slacked off last year after buying it from you in Gisborne but I’m pleased to say over the last 2 weeks I have practiced and have been thoroughly enjoying it.  Thank you Bernadette.  Feeling delighted.

I absolutely love my hula hoop!

I absolutely love my hula hoop.  I purchased from In2hula at the Christchurch Women’s Lifestyle Expo, October 2013.  It has got rid of the excess flab around my core muscles which I now call “My Abs” and also tightened up my butt – “No Dimples”.  Since having open heart surgery a few years ago, I can now breathe deeper, giving me the feeling of opening up the rib cage.  Along with healthy eating habits, and a regular 20 minutes of hula hooping I have lost 2kgs and cannot recommend the In2hula hula hoop enough.
Janice (from the shaky city)

Men enjoy it too

Hula Hoop arrived Friday. I’m a 44-year-old male. Never been able to hula hoop before. A couple of days of practising on and off I can do it! Great hoops. The large size and heavier weight is definitely what a beginner needs. I can feel the work out in my stomach muscles already!

58 years old but I can now show them that I still have what it takes!

I wanted to tell you how thrilled I was to receive my lovely hula hoop this morning!   It is just perfect and exactly the right weight.   I’m 58 years old and it was a bit of a joke to my friends and family that I was about to take this exercise up again, but I can now show them that I still have what it takes!  I can see a lot of them wanting to buy one as well.
Many thanks!  Regards, Marie

Fell instantly in love

Received my very well packaged hoop today and fell instantly in love with it, very well made and the perfect weight, I will be ordering more of varying sizes as my skills improve.

Highly recommended hoops, the instructional DVD is just what I needed to, my beginner rut is now gone.

I have lost 2-4cms each month from my waist

I saw your display at the ‘Women’s Lifestyle Expo” today (Sunday).  I was telling one of the ladies just how much your hula hoops have helped me shed cm’s around my middle.

I first saw a demo of hula hooping when someone came to my Weight Watchers meetings.  I purchased a hoop and tried it out.  I had so much trouble doing this I did give up.  A month or so later I gave it another shot and haven’t looked back since!

I hula hoop every day, several times a day.  On average, I have lost 2-4cms each month from my waist.  I recommend hula hooping to everyone who talks to me about my weight loss.
Thanks hula hoops! – Rachel Clark

I needed something to get my belly into shape!

Your hula hoop is the best piece of exercise equipment I have used in many years. I work from home, did put on heaps of weight over 2007/08 but then organised myself into a calorie-controlled diet and lost a couple of stone. Toning/exercising was difficult though. I did hire a cross-trainer for a month but my thigh muscles would be like chopped-liver after 2 minutes. I needed something to get my belly into shape!

The hula hoop came into my life and it’s made so much difference. It took just three tries to get the hoop on a perpetual motion. I found that leaning back slightly and up thrusting my hips kept the hoop spinning. Got puffed at first but can now hoop for longer and longer each day. And, of course, I hoop to my favourite music! My tummy muscles have certainly benefitted and I’m keeping the weight stable. But first time users should take care. I went a bit overboard when my hoop arrived and ended up tummy-sore for a few days! Also, my cat was absolutely terrified of it at first but seems to be gradually accepting its presence.
Lois Davey, Writer

If you enjoy what you do you will stick to it.

“After the birth of my second child I decided it was time to shift those extra kgs I had put on through having children. I had always had trouble with my weight, and was expecting it to be quite a challenge, so I felt I needed support and that is why I chose Weight Watchers.

I Joined on January 31st 2007 weighing in at 86kgs. Weight Watchers helped me change my whole lifestyle in relation to eating and exercise. By December 2007 I had lost 28Kgs.

I was having trouble shifting the weight around my middle (what I call my mummy tummy) and needed an exercise to target this area. I tried many different exercises but found none I enjoyed. I am a true believer that if you enjoy what you do you will stick to it.

I heard about the Hula hoop and its benefits, so I decided to give it a go with a hula hoop from Target Hula Hoops Ltd. I had never used a Hula hoop before, but it only took me a few hours of practice and I had it. I then put it into my existing exercise routine and after five times a week for two weeks, half an hour at a time; I had lost 2kgs and a quarter of an inch around my waist.

I love the Hula hoop and love what it is doing for me. I recommend In2Hula Hoops.”

We have developed strong tummy muscles

“Laura 11 years old and I Jess 13 years have been using In2Hula Hoops everyday for a month. We have developed strong tummy muscles that are excellent for me when I play water polo. These hoops are great because they are thick and have a wide circumference so that makes it so much easier to keep the hoop up.

Since we started using In2Hula Hoops we have been able to make up tricks using them, and also dance routines. It is really fun hula hooping and it also keeps you fit. Normal hula hoops are really thin and it takes a lot of time to get the skill of keeping them up, but with these because they are thick, we could do it straight away! Some of the tricks we can do are spinning the hoop around our arms, legs, one leg, and neck and then moving it down to our hips then legs, going into a candlestick position and spinning it around our legs plus more tricks! It has been really fun teaching our mum, dad and friends to hula hoop and they all picked it up very quickly.”
Jess & Laura

What a hoot I just laugh all the time

“What a lot of fun I am having with my Hula Hoop. I needed a change in my exercise and this fits the bill. It has loosened up my waist and hips, what a hoot I just laugh all the time and that cannot be too bad ”

Testimonials from TradeMe website

  • “Awesome trader, highly recommended to all hoopsters!”
  • “Great hula hoop, lots of fun times ahead. Great trade AA++”
  • “Awesome trader, very friendly & helpful. Would thoroughly recommend!! Many thanks for your follow-up calls.
  • AAA+++ :O)”
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CCC Waltham Community feedback

Through the Christchurch City Council Discretionary Response Fund the ‘Hoop Laugh’ fitness programme has provided the cottage with a fun and effective way to support and attract people to the idea of movement for health. Building Hooping into the cottage’s health and well-being programme has brought about so many benefits for all participants. I have witnessed many exciting changes and positive benefits for people and myself. Personally I have lost cms from my abdomen area and hooping brings about huge changes for my blood sugar levels.

One woman who started at the beginning of the programme lives a very isolated life and has regularly come to every class we have seen her grow in confidence and today was helping a new participant and showing the group a new trick she has mastered. The camaraderie and laughter is so good to hear on the end of a busy week.

One man who comes, suffers heart problems and diabetes the improvements to his overall health and attitude is outstanding. Another participant finds hooping calming and great fun, which helps in her management of bi-polar, and depression. She also hoops at home. She is over sixty and is one of our star challengers.

A young girl of ten who is home schooled has grown in confidence and fitness as she also hoops at home. She has lost weight off her stomach, her mum is very proud of her, and although we don’t have a focus on losing weight, this young girl is maintaining a healthy attitude to fitness and not being fat obsessed, whilst having fun and importantly being able to join in.

Last year one of our older community members who attends, Chi Gong came to us saying she had seen in the city a demonstration of Hula Hooping and it was such fun. Other members at the cottage thought it would be fun and many had good childhood memories of hooping as a child. We saw this as a great opportunity to build on an exercise that people were already identifying as fun. I believe having fun is the most important factor when trying to entice people to get back into movement /exercise particularly for those with health issues related to weight. Fortunately for our group your committee’s decision to fund our Hoop-Laugh project has indeed supported these transforming changes for our community members. We are very appreciative of your for-sight to sponsor such a new idea.

Our time with Bernadette from In2Hula is finished and I am now able to take over the leadership of this group and we will continue to advertise for new participants. Sometimes we have so many hoopers we have to take turns at being outside as there is not enough room in the Paua Room. We have seven dedicated hoopers, two new arrivals this term and two casual.

Again on behalf of the group and cottage, we thank you all very much for bringing Hoop-Laugh to the Waltham Community.

Participant feedback
  • “Brings back childhood memories”
  • “Calms me and I use up some of my nervous energy”
  • “My doctor said I have to get my hips moving this is a fun way to do it”
  • “It is a lot of fun”
  • “Helps me to move easier”
  • “I remember in China all little girls used to have coloured hoops”
  • “It makes me feel feminine”
  • “I laughed a lot”
  • “This was a great achievement it took me months before I could fully hoop I was able to join in the 10 week
  • challenge. Hooping is a great exercise in conjunction with my other exercise programmes I do through the week. It’s the most fun.”
  • “Loved the challenges”
  • “Bernadette was a wonderful tutor and it has been great to meet other people”
  • “I love being in the class with the others”<
  • “Bernadette was very generous and the challenges were great fun”
  • “I have lost cms off my waist and my excess stomach is getting smaller”
  • “My jeans fall down and Mum has promised to buy some new ones. I love to come to this class”
  • “This is the most classes I have ever attended when it comes to exercise”
  • “I still can’t fully hoop but the class has been so encouraging I just keep coming and I still get a sweat up and a good workout”
  • “I think hoping is such a great way to move I borrowed the hoops and spoke about the benefits and demonstrated to a group where diabetes was the focus. They really responded to it and loved the music”
  • “Besides doing hooping I have joined the Happy Eating course and have Well-being Coaching theses all help to reduce my blood sugar levels because I am working holistically on my issues with food and weight.”
  • “I have diabetes and the most amazing thing I have found is when I hoop/ stretch/take in water for 45 minutes, whatever I have eaten for the day gets negated and without using medication my sugars return to my wake up blood sugar level readings. This is very exciting, as I have found a way to keep my levels more in control. I also hoop for 10 min sessions at night. It all helps.”