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Learn to hoop

Learn to hula hoop in our Christchurch classes – Our fun, interactive and easy to follow classes will get you hooping in no time at all.

What we want from our students is for them to have FUN and never say ‘I can’t’, but to change that to “I can’t yet’. We all hoop at different levels, it may take some a little longer to achieve the hoop moves than others, and that is perfectly OK.

What you can expect in our hoop classes:
  • Hooping on and off the body
  • Hand hooping
  • Transition – hoop tricks
  • Aerobic workout
  • Hoop trick sequences
  • Read the full list of benefits from hooping with In2hula

New workout App!

Track your hooping revolutions, intensity and calories burnt with our new app. You can also monitor your waist measurements and weight and watch the numbers fall!

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What you need to know to join our classes

Hoop for Fitness Classes

Start off learning the basics and get into the fun of hula hooping as you reap the health and fitness benefits. Suitable for all ages and abilities, our classes also incorporate the use of weights, steps and hoop tricks.

Our class sizes are small (maximum 12 people), delivering a friendly, hands-on fitness experience with great results.

All participants need their own hoop. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it online now or at your first class. The large hoop is recommended for this class as it is easier to spin.

$120 for eight lessons paid in advance with no refunds.

Click here for the schedule and to enroll.

Nz made hula hoops - In 2 hulaNeed a hoop?
Buy quality NZ made hoops from In2hula

You can purchase it online now or in person when you start classes.

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If you prefer to join a class the old fashioned way:

  1. Email us at Tell us what class you want to join and how you will pay – online by credit card or by bank deposit.
  2. Call 0800 466770 to arrange your place in a class and payment.
If you have any questions, please give us a call on 0800 466779