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Session Plans


This is a downloadable product of PDF copies of the individual session plans from the Hoop with Heart Programme Manual.

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The session plans from the Hoop with Heart Programme are available for purchase individually as a PDF file.  The Hoop with Heart programme has seven planned children’s physical activity sessions that early learning services can choose from.  Each session is about 30 minutes long, includes 3 games or activities based around a theme, and is conducted to a theme based music soundtrack.  The soundtracks are available as public playlists on Spotify premium.  The name of the corresponding Spotify playlist and a list of the songs in the playlist is included with each session plan.

Most of the sessions need to be conducted in a hall or outdoor setting, but there are two sessions which have been designed to also be suitable for a smaller indoor space.

The sessions are as follows:

  1. Hoop Basics: Warm up, Waist hooping, Bubbles
  1. Insects: Warm Up, Busy Bees (learning Weave hoop move), Butterflies
  1. Animals: Warm Up, Down the Rabbit Hole, Frogs (suitable for indoors) 
  1. Transport: Warm Up (Going for a Drive), Musical Cars, Dance Train
  1. Sea: Warm Up, Crab Walking, Dolphin Diving
  1. Sky: Warm Up, Earth and Sun (learn the Pass Around hoop move), Tāwhirimātea’s Bad Day
  1. Fairytales: Warm Up, Musical Castle, Who’s Coming? (suitable for indoors)


Additional information

HWH Individual Session Plans

1. Hoop Basics, 2. Insects, 3. Animals, 4. Transport, 5. Sea, 6. Sky, 7. Fairytales


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