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Bernadette Smith – aka ‘HOOP Lady’, is the founding owner and passionate energy behind In2hula Ltd.  Bernadette’s experience in business management spans over a number of industries. She has managed successful teams, and has a qualification in Sales Management.

Her experience in the fitness industry began in 2008, when she stumbled upon what was to change her direction and her career.  In2hula began manufacturing hula hoops and selling nationwide.  Bernadette then quickly saw the opportunity to develop her skills and became a qualified Hoop instructor.  The interest for classes grew and the momentum over the years has sustained a successful following of hoopers in Christchurch and around the country.

In 2014 Bernadette made a decision to take the plunge and leave her full time corporate job to follow her passion.  She is now a Qualified Group Fitness Instructor NZQA, and continues to build upon her training and professional development.

Why I love hula hooping

I love the engaging environment that is created when hooping with others.  It is a wonderful way to express yourself, and to lose yourself in the energy and flow of movement with the hoop.

I love the community of support, friendship, encouragement, fun, laughter and collaboration hooping creates, and watching the magic of people achieving something they used to do, or never thought they could do.

diana-bioDiana is originally from Germany and trained there as a Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist. She met her partner in Germany and came with him and her daughter to New Zealand in 2004. In 2012,
she discovered her passion for group fitness and specialised in senior classes. At a workshop in early 2015 she met Bernie and has been hooked on hooping ever since, and is now is trained as a Hoop Fitness Instructor

What I love about hooping:

I love that it is such a fun way to exercise; it is lively and full of energy. When I’m hooping, I feel like a kid again. Anyone can do it, all ages and levels, and it is such a friendly supportive environment that brings together people from all walks of life. Since starting I have enjoyed the personal challenges and development that learning and mastering a new skill brings.

ErinErin has always loved moving her body, but somehow fell into the corporate world of Information Technology. In 2014 she made the break and pursued her love of health and fitness, studying the Certificate of Fitness at CPIT. Erin currently works as a personal trainer at a small private gym while studying nutrition. Early 2015 she was given Bernie’s details and jumped at the opportunity to become a hula hoop instructor.

What I love about hooping

Its a whole body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. It doesn’t take any fancy equipment and you don’t need to go to a stuffy gym, you can do it in your own back yard, and its so much fun!! I love seeing people try new things and the smile on their face when they achieve it. I love how accessible is it for people from all ages and stages, and how it brings people joy and a real sense of achievement.

Bex is a local Christchurch lady who spent 10 years as an outdoor education instructor focusing on ropes activities. After working her way up into management she quickly realised she could not handle sitting at a computer most of the day. She knew she needed a change and a new challenge so in 2016 she completed the Certificate in Personal Training with S.I.T.   Bex is now a REPs Registered personal trainer and after meeting Bernadette at multiple local and nationwide events she’s has become one of the team of In2Hula instructors.

Bex is a big advocate for body love and appreciation and wants to help as many people as she can love their bodies! Bex  has had Alopecia since she was 16 years old, hence she’s bald.

“I love the fun of Hooping! There’s nothing serious about it, no restrictions or limits of weight etc.  I feel part of a team in hoop classes.  It’s a eclectic mix of awesome people all there for fun, fitness and a bit of hoop twirling to boot. There is something delightful in seeing someone’s face when they “get it” with any of the moves.”


Tena koe and greetings.  My name is Janine Lattimore.  In 2015 when I was almost 42 years old I saw an advert in the local paper advertising adult hula hoop classes with a business called In2Hula.  I had never been able to hula hoop as a child and had always wanted to be able to do it so I thought ‘why not give it a go’.  From my first class I was hooked, even though it took me three or four weeks to be able to start to keep the hoop up around my waist, and I think I was the last person in the class to be able to do it.

Then I saw that Bernadette was looking for new instructors so I told her I was interested and she supported me to start up some hoop classes for children, and took me on to run some holiday programme sessions as well.  I also joined with Katrina Muir to start up a monthly HoopJam gathering at Hagley Park.  I now work as the Administrator for In2Hula, as an adult instructor, and on the hula hoop physical activity programme for early learning centres called Hoop with Heart.

My background is in teaching and youth work, and I also have a passion for physical, emotional and mental health.  I love hooping.  I love moving with the hoop to music, I love the challenge of learning new skills, I love how convenient and versatile it is and I love the meditative aspect of it in that it gets me out of my head and into the physical now of my body.  I have also found that my digestive health has improved noticeably since I have been hooping almost daily.

I love working to help people find “fun, joy and laughter in exercise”.

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