How all the In2Hula hoop-la started

In 2008, Bernadette Smith’s daughter had achieved an amazing personal goal, losing 25 kilograms through the Weight Watchers programme. To maintain her fitness levels, she explored hula hooping, having been told that this was a great form of exercise, and that she could use a hula hoop to lose weight and tighten her tummy. Following the birth of her two children this was great news, she was looking for something to help her lose her ‘mummy tummy’.

She searched a number of outlets, only to find small, thin, child sized hoops. Not large or heavy enough to do the job. Bernadette’s husband, Grant, made a hoop and away she went. Bernadette and Grant were surprised to learn that in the next three weeks their daughter had trimmed a significant amount off her waistline, and was having fun doing it.

After doing some research Bernadette and Grant discovered that hula hooping was fast growing around the world as an adult fitness and dance workout. This re-emergence of the hula hoop had not yet made it to New Zealand so they jumped right in and began manufacturing hoops in their home town of Christchurch and soon began selling hula hoops all around New Zealand. The weight, size and quality of the hoops made by In2hula make them perfect for adult hula hoop exercise and fun.

With the growing interest in hula hooping Bernadette then began to offer classes teaching beginner hoop skills with a fitness focus. Since then In2Hula has continued to grow and now offers, HoopFitness classes, workplace and corporate sessions, personal training and the Hoop with Heart preschool physical activity programme in collaboration with the Heart Foundation.

In2hula is recognised as a leader in the fitness industry. Bernadette Smith (creative hoop instructor) was nominated in the 2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards ‘Own Choreography‘ section.  In 2016 In2Hula was recognised for the work they have been been doing throughout New Zealand and was awarded the Community Excellence Award by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. 

Bernadette’s energetic and heart-centred work sharing the benefits and joy of hula hooping over the last 10 years was recognised with the 2018 New Zealand Register of Professionals Award.  The REPs award is presented to a role model who reflects the ethics and values of exercise facilities and professionals in New Zealand.

About The Hoop Lady

Bernadette showing the reduction in her waistline from regular hooping.

Bernadette Smith – aka The Hoop Lady, is the founding owner and passionate energy behind In2hula Ltd. Bernadette’s experience in business management spans over a number of industries. She has managed successful teams, and has a qualification in Sales Management.

Her experience in the fitness industry began in 2008, when she stumbled upon what was to change her direction and her career. In2hula began manufacturing hula hoops and selling nationwide. Bernadette then quickly saw the opportunity to develop her skills and became a qualified Hoop instructor. The interest for classes grew and the momentum over the years has sustained a successful following of hoopers in Christchurch and around the country.

In 2014 Bernadette made a decision to take the plunge and leave her full time corporate job to follow her passion. She is now a Qualified Group Fitness Instructor NZQA, and continues to build upon her training and professional development.

Why I love hula hooping

I love the engaging environment that is created when hooping with others. It is a wonderful way to express yourself, and to lose yourself in the energy and flow of movement with the hoop.

I love the community of support, friendship, encouragement, fun, laughter and collaboration hooping creates, and watching the magic of people achieving something they used to do, or never thought they could do.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information please contact Bernadette on the details below:

Mobile: 021 2466 779