Hooping around NZ

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Its been a while since my last blog, most of my updates have been via facebook.

We have been on the road now 6 months.  Have hooped our way through the South and half way through the North Island.  We have been blown away with the response to what we are doing, and have to date taught over 400+ men, women and children the wonderful skill of hula hooping for fitness.

We have explored little towns and regions, searching out the walks and places of interest just to make certain we get see more of our beautiful country than just the big cities.

The people we have meet have been so interesting!  We meet a lot of people traveling just like us to get to know their country, people who want to share the best parts of their towns to explore, and ones that are making huge positive differences in their towns.  We have been inspired!

We couldn’t recommend this enough to you.  Get out there, check out your countries beauty!!

Enjoy it!  Love it! HOOP it!

HOOP Lady x


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