5 Tips for Peace, Love & Happiness at Christmas

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When some of the members of the In2Hula team were asked for their top tip for Christmas, here’s what they said:

Take Hoop Snacks
Whenever you have 5 or 10 minutes enjoy a snack session of hooping.  Hoop snacking will keep you motivated and is so satisfying.

Have fun and enjoy your festive holidays.  Stay safe.  From the HOOP lady, Bernadette Smith.

Add Music
Music creates atmosphere, helps you relax and makes every day tasks more enjoyable.  Whether you’re cleaning the house, preparing food, wrapping gifts or entertaining guests, put on some music you like and feel free to sing, dance, or hoop, along.
Janine Lattimore

Keep it Simple
Ask yourself: “how can I simplify things so I have time to enjoy more?”
Yvonna Taylor

Veggies First and Take Your Time
Put the salads and veggies on your plate first, wait before going back for seconds, and don’t forget to enjoy it!
Erin Waldon

Focus on Being Happy
“I always try and do a few Christmassy things with the kids.  Today I plan on going to the children’s service at the Cardboard Cathedral and tomorrow we will go and have a look at the window display at Ballentines.  I just try and stay happy, because if I’m happy the rest of the family usually is too.
Katrina Muir

Wishing you peace, love and happiness for the holiday season, and for the New Year, from the In2Hula team.

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