We Are Winners!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our recent competition to win a family set of the new coloured hula hoops.  While only one person can win the hoops, we think that everyone who entered is a winner for doing something for themselves and for the benefits they have gained from hooping.

The official winner of the two large and two small sized purple coloured hula hoops is:

Amanda Cosgrove

However, we also wanted to post some of the amazing comments that people sent through to us about what hooping does for them.  You are all inspiring.  I loved Julie Curtis’s comment that hooping makes your body sing.

Hula Hooping benefits me by making exercise both fun and exciting. I love challenging myself and reaching my hoop goals. It’s part of my lifestyle now – Emma MacKey

Hooping has taught me to live in the moment and worry less. Each trick learnt is a great buzz, that improves self confidence and this is something I have carried through to other aspects of my life. I’m more extroverted now. I am so glad I was bold enough to come along to one of ur hoop jams last year turns out hooping is a great social activity and an enjoyable way to exercise. I love my plastic circle! – Jessica Elder

I recently bought a hoop from In2hula and it’s been great for my mental health because it gives me a good laugh when I attempt to hoop and great satisfaction when I’m successful with some of the other moves – Rachel Thornley

I’m new to hooping, but it’s already improving my body strength and flexibility, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my posture – Farah Bee

Hula Hooping has changed my life! I have only started a couple of months ago but am completely hooked! I love the way it uplifts me every time I hoop,  it’s a fun way to get fit and I love learning new things each week and then practicing and showing my kids at home. The biggest bonus for me which I had not expected was how great it has been for my digestive issues! Something that has bothered me for years and Hooping, especially doubles really makes a positive difference – Megan Hancox

Hooping is so good for my waist line , it just helps keep on top of that mid age spread ! It’s also manageable as you can do it any time anywhere even if it’s wet outside! I love it! – Julie Paterson

I recently did a 30 day healthy living program, combining supplements, healthy clean eating and daily activity. I lost 6kgs with my biggest difference being in my waist/hip area. I put this down to the 30min hoop session I do every evening.  So much fun and so easy to do. Perfect for shaping your core! – Monique Nisbet

I love hooping it gives me such a great buzz always feel so great after hooping​ I’d recommend it to everyone such a great fun way exercise and just so easy to get the workout I need at home with the kids – Racine Murray

Hooler Hoping is such a fun way to work out keep fit and entertain the grandchildren. I have problems with my planta fasciiti and walking long distances can be a big problem for me when I found out about hooler hoping I was thrilled. Its a simple thing to house the equipment, can be done indoors or out-doors (even at work in your break).  The kids can do it along with the oldies. Its uplifting when done to music and a great way to compete as a fun thing with the grandchildren – Faye

Mummies have to be very aware as you age after children you need to look after your pelfic floor and this is such a wonderful way of covering this particular area.

Hooping challenges me in a fun way, creates laughter, helps with balance, keeps me feeling youthful and is a goal setter for my family and friends.  Three sisters out of five have all taken up the hoop! – Judith Casey

Hooping is making me focus my strength training exercises on my lower torso, which has all sorts of important knock on affects such as seating posture and back pain relief – Dana Dopleach

I’ve been using the Hula hooping to keep myself fit in preparation for surgery. While waiting for a hemi knee replacement (at the young age of 45).  I haven’t​ been able to participate in any weight bearing exercising. So the hula hooping has been a great form of exercise – Natacha Maher

Hula hooping benefits me and my family with fitness, coordination and family time!  My daughter and I are completing the Catch Fitness 20 week challenge this year together and we are excited to do as much together as possible.  We are looking to incorporate my son and hubby too in all that we do so this would allow us to have more fun as a family.  Woohoo ….Hula fun! – Lorraine Walker

It is fantastic having a Hula hoop again. However I am not able to do what I did as a child of the 60’s.  I could move the hoop up my body up then onto one arm, bring it back down my body then onto the other arm.  It is just nice to be able to Hula again and I have my hoop handy so I can just do some hooping anytime I feel like it.  It is nice to do exercise when it is wet because you don’t feel like it is a drag waiting for the weather to pick up.  It a great sport. Keep hooping. – Shona Blair

To give love and laughter and a better body. Get you very active and get your body to sing – Julie Curtis

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