The Adventure Has Begun!

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The In2Hula adventure hoop was launched on it’s journey this morning with Ally Dawson from Landpartnerships at the Halswell Venus business women’s network meeting.

In2Hula Managing Director passing the hoop to Ally Dawson from Lan

The fluoro green hoop has left the In2Hula nest so keep an eye out for it as it travels – who knows how far?

The Great Hoop Adventure
In2Hula would like to help you have some active fun this winter.  We have created a special hoop designed to be passed from person to person. Each person is asked to take the hoop on an adventure and then share a photo/video and story about where the hoop has been.  Hoop with it somewhere it has never been before, teach it a new trick, make it part of a celebration – let your creativity and joyful movement flow.  Once you have shown the hoop a good time, pass it on with love to someone else.

For the people who receive the hoop feel free to sign your name on it, write where it has been, leave an inspiring quote or add a meaningful decoration to it.  Let it become a hoop-able work of art.

You can follow the adventures of the hoop on the Where’s the Hoop? Facebook page

You could win!
In2Hula will be giving away spot prizes for people who ‘spot the hoop’ and post a photo of it (you can post it on other pages with the tag #wheresthehoop)

Everyone who has the hoop passed to them and shares a photo/video and story goes in the draw to win the hoop when the adventure ends on 31 August 2017.

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