3 Tips to Get Older Children Hooping

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Hooping is great for children of all ages, but often younger children are more likely to pick up the hoop than image-conscious, social-media addicted pre-teens and teenagers.  Here are 3 tips for helping older children to get off the phone and experience the benefits of hooping.

Make it a pre-requisite of technology time
My children have a list of things they need to do before they are allowed on technology in the mornings before school.  I have just added hooping for two songs to my daughter’s list as I was concerned about her decreasing levels of activity.  One of the great things about hooping is that it can be done almost anywhere and even short periods of hooping have been shown to tone abdominal muscles and improve health in general.  You could say that your children can watch tv, but only if they hoop while they do.  Alternatively, your children could earn screen time by spending time being active, and again hooping is a convenient option for this as young people can’t use they excuse of the weather.

Make it Mother/Daughter Time
Or father/daughter, father/son, mother/son time.  In other words, attend a hoop class together with your child or children.  Alternatively, make it a whole family affair and book in a HoopFitness personal training session together.

Issue a challenge with a reward
Work with your child or children to identify a reward that they desire and then set a hooping challenge for them to earn it.  The challenge could be waist hooping for 10 minutes every day for two weeks, or learning 5 different hoop moves, or gaining the skill to hoopwalk 2kms.


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