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Have you always wanted to hula hoop but couldn’t as a child? Have you heard about how great hooping is for trimming your waistline and want to see if it will work for you?

Whether you are interested in hula hooping for weight loss or fun, In2Hula HoopFitness classes have something for you and next week you can try them out for FREE!

Reporter Laura Baker tried out one of the trial classes earlier in the year and gave the following description of the session:

Pop music on the sound system, we kick into the session learning beginner moves like the pass around, warrior crossover and the low lasso, all of which involve quickly twirling the hoop on outstretched arms around the body. I’m surprised it’s a workout for the arms as much as it is for the core. Bex and Bernadette make it look easy simultaneously swinging two hoops at once. Meanwhile, I lose control of mine and fling it into my fellow hoopers. Thankfully my clumsiness isn’t a big deal in the relaxed environment and I laugh my way through.  

Ms Baker also highlighted the fact that hoop classes are so deceptively enjoyable and low-impact that you often don’t notice how effective they are until the next day when she wrote:  I end smiling and feeling warmed-up, but certainly not physically exerted. The following morning my core aches, confirmation my hula hooping efforts served its purpose.

Excerpts from Stuff.co.nz article: We try hula hoop fitness: Who said exercise couldn’t be fun

So if you have ever wondered how to hula hoop to lose weight, what parts of the body hula hooping works or whether hooping is good exercise for you – come along to a trial HoopFitness class next week and find out for FREE.

Text Bernadette on 021 2466 779 to register


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