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Join a Tribe – Why Hooping is Good for Your Heart Part 2

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Friday 29 September is World Heart Day.  In honour of this we are going to do a series of posts about why hooping is good for your heart.  There are two ways of thinking about your heart: one is your physical heart and the other is your emotional heart.  The two aspects of our ‘heart’ are intimately linked though, as when we feel physically healthy it helps us to feel better emotionally, and having a fairly constant state of happiness helps to keep illness and disease at bay.  One way to boost our emotional heart is to join a tribe of like minded people, and when that group is one of hoopers that in turn has a double pay-off for your physical heart.  Hula hoop classes are about more than just burning belly fat.

In the Blue Zones research on longevity, positive social connection is integral to three of the nine common denominators of the world’s longest lived people.  This includes being part of a faith based community, maintaining strong family ties and being part of a group of supportive friends.

“The world’s longest lived people chose–or were born into–social circles that supported healthy behaviors” –

Data in the British Household Panel Survey indicates that an increase in the level of social involvements is worth an extra £85,000 (NZD157,590.00) a year in terms of life satisfaction.  Interestingly, it also indicates that actual changes of income, on the other hand, buy very little happiness, but that good physical health is worth £300,000 (NZD556,620.00) a year.

Three ways to boost your heart by connecting with other hoopers:

Hula Hoop Classes
Hula hoop Classes provide regular connection with other like minded people.  “This is a non competitive environment where people encourage one another” noted one class member on a feedback form.  In2Hula HoopFitness classes are relatively small making it easier to get to know other people and form relationships, as well as to get personal attention from the instructor.

A new round of HoopFitness classes are starting in October in Cashmere and New Brighton.  You can find information on these, and classes in other areas here.

HoopJam is a gathering of hoopers.  In2Hula is connected with the HoopJam held once a month in Christchurch, New Zealand over the Spring/Summer period.  This is an informal gathering where people can give hooping a try, or connect and share tricks with other hoopers.  It is held in the Botanic Gardens beside the children’s playground so it welcomes adults and families alike.

The next HoopJam in Christchurch is being held on World Hoop Day, Saturday 7 October, 1-2pm at the Botanic Gardens beside the children’s playground.  Bring your own hoop or come and borrow one off someone else as there are always plenty to share.  For this event there will also be a super-sized hoop for people to try on their own, or have a go at tandom hooping with a friend.

For info on upcoming HoopJams ‘like’ the In2Hula Facebook page or join the 10 Minute Club Facebook group.

Hoop with Family
hula hoop classesBernadette Smith works with a number of families in a personal training capacity.  This creates a fun, encouraging environment for partners and children to be active together.

Read more about personal training sessions with Bernadette here.

These are three great ways to keep your heart happy and healthy in every way.  Whether it be through hula hoop classes or fitness time as a family, make time to connect and move with others.  It is worth almost a million dollars in terms of life satisfaction.


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