How do you develop a good team?

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How do you develop a good team? Or more to the point how can hula hooping help you to develop a good team? Three characteristics that are key to effective teams are creativity, a sense of team identity and members having an expanded understanding of each other as people. Workplace hula hooping sessions can help to grow these three characteristics of a strong team. Here’s how:

Hula hooping is not something that most people do every day, in fact it is something that most adults haven’t even attempted since they were children. Doing something outside of your normal realm of experience encourages you to think laterally and creatively. It shakes you out of routine thinking and doing.

In addition to this hula hooping stimulates brain development.  Learning and practicing new skills builds new brain matter, and increases the speed and strength of the brain.  A number of hula hoop moves also involve crossing the midline of your body which builds pathways between the left and right sides of the brain.

Sense of Team Identity
Facing a new challenge together builds a sense of identity.  Engaging in an activity where almost everyone is learning and out of their comfort zone can foster a new spirit of encouragement and support.

Expanded understanding of each other as people
Workplace hula hoop sessions provide a forum for work team members to get to know each other in a different activity environment.  Doing something other than the usual work activities together can shake up hierarchies and allow people to demonstrate previously unseen skills.  Hula hooping is also lots of fun, and can help people to relax and show more of their social personality.

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