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Tone your arms and boost your brain

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Tone your arms and boost your brain with this easy Propeller hoop move.

Our focus for April is arm hooping, and today’s Try It Tuesday move is the first in a series for this month.

The Propeller hoop move tones and strengthens your entire arm including your fingers and wrists.

It is also very stimulating for your brain.

The propeller makes an effective transition move from one hoop trick to another.  This makes it a good base move to have in your hooping repertoire.   The basic Propeller move itself is fairly easy, but in this video we give you some additional challenges to try with it.

Often a smaller diameter, lighter dance or regular hoop is easier to use for arm hooping moves.  The fitness hoops can be a little large and heavy.  The medium size In2hula purple pipe hoops (such as the one used in today’s video) are ideal.

When you start hooping on your arms and hands you may experience some bruising.  This will decrease and stop once your skin gets used to being rubbed by the hoop.  If you experience bruising just do a little hooping each day so that your skin adjusts without pain or damage.

You can learn how to perform the Lasso and Pass-around moves mentioned in the video below by watching the FREE Hooping for Beginners instructional video.  This video will also show you how to spin a hula hoop around your waist, and perform a number of other basic moves with a hoop to tone and work your core and your arms. 

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