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Short, easy arm workout with a hula hoop

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Hula hoops are not just good for toning your abdominals, you can use them to achieve all over strength, tone and fitness.  In this video we show you a short, easy arm workout which uses 3 simple and fun hula hoop moves to exercise your whole arm.  These moves will tone and strengthen lower arm (biceps), back of upper arm (triceps), wrists and fingers.

These arm exercises are suitable for even complete beginner hoopers.

You can do the moves in this video with a large fitness hoop, but it will be much harder and require more space.  A lighter, medium diameter (80-90cm) hoop would be most suitable, such as the In2hula medium purple pipe hoops.

If you would like to be part of a community of people who like to hula hoop on a regular basis you can join the In2hula 10 Minute Club closed group on Facebook.

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