hula hoop dance exercise

Hula hoop dance exercise using one simple move

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Think you can’t hoop-dance?  Think again!

Hula hoop dance exercise is great fun, but can seem complicated and hard to learn.   Introducing the Coinspin.  The Coinspin is a simple move to learn, but looks effective, and can easily help you move into hoop dance flow.  The basic move itself gets your body swaying and undulating in a dance motion, and this can be effortlessly enhanced by varying the direction, height and speed of the hoop.

Performing the Coinspin builds strength and flexibility in your entire arm and shoulder including the often forgotten wrists. It expands and contracts the rhomboid muscles between your shoulder blades increasing their flexibility, and pumping fresh blood and chi energy through them.

Follow along with the instructional video below, and flow your way to toned arms with this Coinspin hula hoop dance exercise

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