Benefits of Hula Hooping

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    Burns up to 7 calories a minute

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    Trims and tones your abs, arms and legs

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    Increases flexibility & releases tension especially in your hips and upper body

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    Increases brain strength and function

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    Helps with digestive health and reduces bloating and constipation.

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    Improves posture and strengthens front and back core muscles

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Hula Hoop Activities for Kids

Looking for fun and unique activity ideas for children?  We’ve produced a whole book of them!

This is a great resource for anyone wanting playful, creative and educational activities for young children – teachers, parents, out of school care co-ordinators, early childhood educators.

Great value for money and comes with bonus audio and visual resources.

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It’s a workout routine that’s FUN & gets RESULTS!

Hula hooping fitness classesYou can do almost anything with a hula hoop: your imagination is the limit. Hooping is no longer a thing of the past.  It has made a popular come-back simply because it’s fun and provides a workout routine that gets results.

Have fun and lose weight learning to hula hoop in our classes. Join our positive and caring community of hoopers to experience the difference In2hula has to offer you.

You will receive more one-on-one attention because of our smaller class numbers.  We take the time to really listen to each person’s individual needs. This is not about blasting out a fitness class with as many attendees as possible. Our classes are gentle on the body and generally injury free!


In2hula ~ Excellence in the fitness industry

In2hula is recognised as a leader in the fitness industry. Bernadette Smith (creative hoop instructor) was nominated in the 2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards ‘Own Choreography‘ section.  In 2016 In2Hula was recognised for the work they have been been doing throughout New Zealand and was awarded the Community Excellence Award by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. 

Bernadette’s energetic and heart-centred work sharing the benefits and joy of hula hooping over the last 10 years was recognised with the 2018 New Zealand Register of Professionals Award.  The REPs award is presented to a role model who reflects the ethics and values of exercise facilities and professionals in New Zealand.