Intermediate & Advanced Hooping Skills Videos


Learn to hula hoop for fitness and pleasure in the comfort of your own home with award winning fitness instructor and owner of In2hula, Bernadette Smith. 

Get the Beginners Hoop Skills video for FREE and then add to your skills with the Intermediate and Advanced Hoop Skills videos for only $9.95 for both!

Bernadette professionally instructs you to learn the finer points of each move, ensuring you work out with the right postures and technique to both look after your body and health, and get the best work out. See the description below for information on which moves are taught in the videos, and viewing instructions.

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Intermediate Hooping Skills (8 moves)

Reverse Weave ~ This movement exercises the upper arms, especially triceps and shoulders, and wrists.
Hip Hooping ~ Especially good for flexibility of the hips and pelvis and is great for the glute (bottom) muscles.
Hoop ‘n Spin ~ Great for your core muscles and for working on balance and spatial awareness.
Float ~ This exercise is great for the core muscles, balance and spatial awareness.
Two Hoops ~ The benefit of two hoops on the body is the weight. It helps with strengthening the core muscles and is also a very good cardio workout.
Two Hoop Split ~ This exercise works arms and core together. It is extremely good for your body and brain function.
Elevator Transition ~ Great way to start a routine.
Twirly Whirly ~ Excellent for your arms, shoulders and spatial awareness.


Advanced Hooping Skills (9 moves)

Leg Hooping ~ This exercise works on flexibility, aerobic exercise, and core strength.
Leg Hooping to Waist ~ Also great for flexibility, aerobic exercise, and core strength.
Bird Arms ~ This exercise is particularly good for your upper arms and shoulders.
Pass the Hoop ~ This hoop move builds flexibility by extending the reach of your arms at the back of your body as well as working your chest muscles.
Double Hoop ~ This movement is good for your arm muscles and your brain.
Hoop Up ~ This hoop movement is good for your arms, core and spatial awareness. It also helps you to become aware of space in the hoop.
Hoop Up – Hand at the Back ~ This hoop movement is good for the brain and for spatial awareness.
Hoop Down ~ Also great for skill development and spatial awareness.
Arm Isolation ~ This exercise is very good for your arm muscles.

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