the benefits of hooping…

Body & Health Benefits

You can burn 10 calories per minute while
the hoop is swinging!

You will also:

  • Strengthen and tone your core muscles
  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Break up fat deposits
  • Trim your waistline
  • Get help to lose unwanted kilo’s
  • Get a tummy workout
  • You will receive advise on the right fitness progamme to meet your specific needs.
  • Experience an aerobic workout that is fun!

Hooping appeals to all ages. To get optimum results, we encourage people to hoop for 15-20 minutes, three times a week.

AND this is a low impact workout that is gentle on your body using lite weight in-expensive equipment. Our classes are generally injury free!

Social & Self Benefits

Small class numbers, more one-on-one attention and a friendly vibe creating a positive community environment
  • Great fun and energy, everyone walks away with a smile 🙂
  • Promotes laughter 🙂
  • Great for your emotional wellbeing, lowers your stress levels
  • Valuable ‘me time’ that is so important for filling up and maintaining your balance
  • Our classes naturally develop a positive community environment
  • Enjoy the support and friendship of a caring and collaborative group
  • In2hula adds a greater personal touch through smaller class numbers and greater one on one attention
  • We bring a nurturing focus to each individual
  • We really taking time to listen to each hooper in our classes
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