Licensee Opportunity

Lifestyle and work can equal balance

Business ownership is not everyone, but for those you do get into business lifestyle factors are often a big motivator. Buying an In2hula Licensee allows you to create your perfect balance between lifestyle and work.

Flexible to match your lifestyle! Choose whether you want to run your In2hula business part-time or turn your investment into a full time venture. You have the freedom to choose your own schedule and make it work along side another job, training or family commitments.

Being an In2hula Instructor also gives you positive personal benefits.
  • Increase your health and fitness
  • Valuable ‘me time’ for yourself and the hoopers in your classes
  • Run a business that gives you heart-felt satisfaction and personal growth from the positive interactions of the In2hula way

Why is In2hula such a niche example within the fitness industry?


Hula hooping is accessible to all ages (3 years to seniors) and fitness levels giving you a wide market to connect with and grow you business. Run your classes indoors or outdoors. All you need is some hoops along with the right space and you are ready to roll!

Heaps of fun and positive energy

Hula hooping appeals to so many different people because it is just so much fun. Bernadette Smith, the creator of In2hula runs her classes with great fun and energy and a motivation to provide a heart-centred community environment for her hoopers. All In2hula Instructors are trained in this way and carry this ethos in their approach.

Small class sizes and a holistic approach

In2hula adds a greater personal touch through smaller class numbers, offering more one-on-one attention. This is not about blasting out a fitness class with as many attendees as possible. We take the time to really listen to each hooper and therefore better attend to each person’s individual needs. And it is gentle on the body! Hula hooping is a low impact workout with simple equipment. Classes are generally injury free!

Take advantage of the multiple income streams

Hula hooping really is for everybody! We have brought In2hula to the following groups and situations:

  • Corporate team building
  • Workshops and events;
  • Schools: in school, after school and holiday programmes;
  • One-on-one sessions;
  • Not to mention the commission you will earn from hoop sales.

Support to get your business started

New to business ownership? You won’t have to struggle alone. We have done a lot of the hard work for you to help your new business get off to a whirling start. Starting a business as a licensee means you can spend less time on setup and admin tasks and more time on building your business. This model also comes with very low business over heads for higher net profits.

Creating a new brand and getting marketing and advertising working for you can take a lot of time, money and energy. Buying a licensee will give you the added benefit of a business that already has strong brand recognition. Consistent nation wide marketing and hula hoop sales provides an existing market to help you get you classes spinning!

Wondering how you will learn and remember all the fitness moves? In2hula supports your confidence and professional development with a 52 page Instructor Manual. You will receive 8 weeks of one-on-one online training from Bernadette included in your fee.

Be part of a passionate team

We are looking for people who feel inspired about being part of a passionate and innovative nationwide team. New In2hula Licensees are encouraged to bring In2hula into a new situation or offer hula hooping to a new group of people.

Bernadette Smith as a proven track record in team and regional management. She is passionate about bringing hula hooping to more and more kiwis while supporting others to benefit from this amazing business opportunity. Bernadette will be sharing insights and inspirations with you and encourage Licensees to share their knowledge, experience and ideas. She has a vision to create a truly collaborative network of In2hula Instructors throughout NZ.

Want to know more?

Feeling passionate about starting a new business? … And working in a positive community environment bringing fun, fitness, health and social benefits to a wide range of people? … Then we would love to hear from you.