Hula hooping on a daily basis does trim your waist: the results are in!

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If you want to know: ‘How can I trim my waist?’ then read on.

January Waist Trim Challenge Wall of Fame

Congratulations to everyone who made the commitment to themselves to taking part in the January Waist Trim Challenge, and a big thank you to those who provided feedback.The results are in: hula hooping on a daily basis does trim your waist.

We had read of other people saying that waist hooping on a daily basis trimmed their waist, but we wanted to put this to the test for ourselves.

Those who took part in the In2Hula Waist Trim Challenge committed to waist hooping for at least 10 minutes a day every day for 30 days.  They measured their waist at the start of the challenge and then again at the end.

Here are the results from the people who completed the Waist Trim Challenge survey:

Lost 1-2cm off their waist after hooping daily for 30 days
Yes (anonymous)
Deborah Smith….and I never want to ‘find it ‘ again! Lol ??!!
Yes (anonymous)
Monique Nisbet
I lost 1.5cm – not too bad considering had 4 days off sick. Janice Lancaster
I didn’t lose any on the waist measurement. But lost 2 kg. This month I hope I lose a cm or two

Lost 3-5cm off their waist after hooping daily for 30 days
Bernadette Smith
Yes (anonymous)
I lost 5cm -wow. Fantastic and fun. Sonya
Suzanne lost 4cm

If you would like to start hula hooping then you can buy a hoop here, or register for classes here, or sign up for the FREE Hooping for Beginners video here.


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