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Spreading Joy for Heart Health!

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On 18 June 2018, to celebrate the launch of the registration website for The Super Heart Hoop-Off event happening in Christchurch in October, In2hula teamed up with Hearty, the mascot for the Heart Foundation and bought hula hoop smiles to young and old.

In2hula is working in collaboration with the Heart Foundation regarding the Hoop with Heart preschool hula hoop activity programme. The Super Heart Hoop-Off event is a charity event for the Heart Foundation.

The day began at Banks Avenue School where 5-year-old Amelia Beazer demonstrated to her classmates the hula hoop skills she has been learning. Amelia received a Super Hooper certificate, the Heart Foundation gave each of the children a children’s cookbook, and In2hula gave the school a set of hula hoops. The session was rounded off with the children all getting to try some hooping themselves.

Next it was off to City Mall to perform a Hoop Flash Mob, followed by a small hoopjam. Things were a bit quiet in the mall as it was a Monday lunchtime on a Winter’s day, but we had fun, and a few passers-by joined in and had a go at hooping.

The last stop for the day was Maples Retirement Village for some sit fit hoop exercise. These wonderful people gave us as much joy as we gave them and several members of the staff had a go at hooping too.

You can view the new Super Heart Hoop-Off registration website and learn how you can be part of the event at:

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