How To Get Better Results From Hooping

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Well known celebrity Kelly Osborne declared that hula hooping helped her to shave two inches off her waistline and lose 70 pounds.  If you want to get increased weight loss and fitness results from hooping then here are some tips:

Do it Regularly
You don’t necessarily have to hoop for long periods, but for greater results do it every day.  Kelly Osborne tweeted that she hooped for 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes at night.  Most songs are about 3-4 minutes long so you could try hooping in one direction to one song and then in the other direction to a second song, and repeat the routine morning and night.  5-10 minutes exercise twice a day is very achievable.

Do Hoop Sprints
Alternate hooping for 30 seconds normal speed, with 30 seconds hooping fast as you can.  You work your abdominal muscles more when you go faster.

Get a Smaller Hoop
The smaller the circumference of the hoop the harder you have to work to keep the momentum going.

Get a Heavier Hoop
Weighted exercise hoops (like those sold by In2Hula) give a greater workout than lighter hoops

Move Your Feet
Changing your foot position engages different muscles.  Try hooping with your feet wide apart toes pointing out, then with feet shoulder width apart and then with your feet together.  Alternatively step forward with one foot then step both feet back together then step backwards with the same leg and back.  Repeat with the other leg.  You can even try do basic salsa steps while hooping.

Put on your favourite dance music to up your energy, be persistent and enjoy what your body can do!

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