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Ease Upper Back Tension & Boost Your Brain Function

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The Weave is a beginner hula hoop move that is very good for building strength in your arms, flexibility in your shoulders and helping to relieve upper back pain and tension.

As you are constantly crossing your arms over the midline of your body it also builds neural connections between the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

Just for fun, In2hula instructor Janine Lattimore with the help of her son demonstrate how we teach the Weave hoop move to preschool children in the Hoop with Heart programme for early learning services.

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Doing the ‘busy bee’ figure eight movements without the hoop before you start hooping is also a good way to warm up your arms and shoulders before doing this move with the added weight of a hoop.

For more information about the facilitated and online versions of the Hoop with Heart early childhood hula hoop based activity programme go to

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