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5 Benefits of Hooping For Men

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Why should a man hula hoop? 
While there is a popular belief that hula hooping is an activity more suited to ladies, for those men who feel able to break the stereotype, hula hooping has many benefits that are of particular interest to males.   Just a heads up, we are going to be talking about sex.

Hula Hooping and Male Sexual Performance
Hula hooping can help improve men’s sexual performance in 5 ways:
1. It increases flexibility and muscle strength in the pelvic area

2. It can boost erectile function

3. It can raise testosterone levels

4. It can stimulate sexual energy and desire

5. It can help you feel more attractive by toning your abdominal muscles and reducing belly fat

That’s 5 good reasons why a man should hula hoop.  Let’s explore them in more detail.

Hula hooping increases flexibility and muscle strength in the pelvic area
Flexibility in your core muscles, hip joints and spine is promoted by hula hooping.

“While performing hula hooping, you make very rhythmic rocking movements forward and backward, shifting your weight along the way. This kind of movement releases the tension of the muscles surrounding the sacrum (the lower part of the back) and realigns the sacrum with the rest of the spine. As a result, blood flow to the spine improves and total flexibility of the spine is increased.” 3 Fat Chicks

It is said that spinning a hula hoop works 30 core muscles, including your glute, upper thigh, psoas, abdominal and lower back muscles.

Flexible and strong core and pelvic muscles can help improve your performance as a lover.

Hula hooping can boost erectile function. 
Yes, keeping it up helps you keep it up.  Two of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction are excess weight and low levels of physical activity.  Any form of regular, sustained aerobic exercise, including hula hooping, can boost erectile function.  Exercise helps maintain the health of your blood vessels and heart.

Analysis of 7 studies showed that the average increase in erectile function score in men who had undertaken a programme of regular aerobic exercise was similar to the increase given by medication.  Interestingly, the same research showed that exercises specific to pelvic floor muscles didn’t seem to yield a benefit.  Aerobic exercise seems to be most effective for improving erectile function.

Hula hooping can raise testosterone levels
Short-term intense exercise as well as moderately prolonged exercise can increase male testosterone levels.  Strength-training may boost testosterone more, but cardio exercise raises levels also, provided it is not prolonged intense cardio which actually has a detrimental effect on testosterone levels.

One of the advantages of hula hooping is that it combines resistance-training for muscle strengthening, and aerobic movement.  This makes it an effective exercise for boosting testosterone levels.

This combination of resistance and cardio exercise is also effective for promoting weight-loss.  Excess body fat is also linked to low testosterone levels.  Male body fat contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogens, the main sex hormones in women.  When men have extra estrogens in their body it triggers a reduction in the production of testosterone. The less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you produce. It can be a vicious cycle that only regular exercise and a healthy diet can interrupt.

Hooping feels sexy
On top of all this hula hooping feels sexy (when you can do it fluidly).  From a physical point of view you are thrusting with your pelvis which is a sexual movement.  From a chakra energy perspective, hula hooping activates the energy in our root and sacral chakras.  Our root chakra is the seat of our personal foundation.  Our sacral chakra is the seat of our creative energy and also the source of our sexual energy.  Activating and balancing these two energy centres allows us to feel safe to create, and pro-create.  This can feel very stimulating and empowering.

From my experience, most women find it very sexy watching a man competently hula hoop.

Hula Hooping reduces belly fat
As we have already noted, excess belly fat in men can lead to erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels.  Hula hooping has been shown to be effective in reducing belly fat.

One of the key reasons hooping is effective at trimming your waistline is because it tones all the muscles in both the front and back of your lower torso simultaneously in a way that few other exercises do.  At the same time as working the abdominal muscles in particular, it also gives a you a strong cardio workout.  Hooping burns 7-10 calories per minute.  In order to lose abdominal fat calories must be burned.  Hooping can also elevate your heart-rate to a sufficient level to start your body burning fat for fuel.

In2hula even did it’s own test as to whether regular hula hooping could reduce your waist circumference and the anecdotal evidence we gathered showed that it does.

Hula hooping can help a man feel sexier, look sexier, and perform better sexually.  It can take a bit longer to learn how to hula hoop than it can to learn other exercise forms, but this also leads to a greater feeling of achievement (which feeds your masculine energy).  For those prepared to make the effort, the rewards are worth it.

You can read about one man’s journey into hula hooping here.

Male and female hoopers alike are welcome to join the In2hula 10 Minute Club Facebook group which is a support group for people who want to hoop regularly.



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