New Year, New Ways to Feel Good

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New hula hoop classes in Christchurch and North Canterbury to help you feel good and look good!

Happy New Year!  Possibly a little late, but this is the first In2hula post for 2019.  We are feeling EXCITED about this year.  How are you feeling?

So, what’s new?

In2hula has a new teacher, Julie Winton.  Julie is an experienced teacher and will be taking preschool, primary and adult hula hooping classes in the Shirley, Belfast, Kaiapoi and Rangiora areas. 

This means for the first time In2hula is offering adult HoopFitness classes in Belfast and Kaiapoi.

The first two classes are now open for registrations:

Tuesday 7-8pm
Kaiapoi Borough School Hall, 20 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi
12 March – 7 May

Wednesday 6:45pm
Belfast Primary School, 700 Main North Road
6 March – 1 May 2019

A new set of classes will also be starting in Cashmere in February:

Tuesday 7-8pm
Thorrington Primary School Hall, 22A Colombo Street, Thorrington
12 February – 8 April 2019

You can register for all classes here

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